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Do you worry about money issues?
Do you struggle with practical arrangements?

If you live in Sway (Hants, UK) …
SWAG may be able to help you - whatever your age.

SWAG is the Sway Welfare Aid Group

Update (November 2014)

2014 Annual Report (opens a new page in your browser)


How might we help you?

For example financially…
  • One-off payments to help meet an unexpected crisis
  • With education and training costs for you or your children
  • With costs of essential equipment due to illness or mobility problems
  • Costs of essential decoration and repairs
  • Payments to help meet heating expenses

Or in more practical ways…

  • Transport to hospital
  • Lunch Club for people living on their own

How can you help us?

For example…

  • Be neighbourly.   If you know of anyone we might help, ask them to contact us.
  • As a driver to take people to hospital (we pay your mileage)
  • With donations (ideally using Gift Aid) or with a legacy in your will.
  • Helping with the Lunch Club


Contact us on 01590 681 500

Or email: us at:  

Sway Welfare Aid Group is a Hants, UK, based Charity for people of all ages living in Sway

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