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If you have difficulty in getting, for instance, to a hospital appointment, SWAG may be able to help you. We have a team of about 24 volunteer drivers around the village who freely give their own time to help people out.

No charge is made for this service, although donations (small or large) are always welcome!

Contact us on 01590 681 500



SWAG needs volunteer drivers! We pay petrol (50p/mile) and we normally use a driver only once or twice per month.   

If you would like to be a volunteer driver, there are three simple forms to be filled in, and there are some other documents that you might find helpful.

See our Forms and information for volunteer drivers page: - (opens a new page in your browser)


Normally the insurance companies make no extra charge for volunteer driving, but it is still important to inform your insuance company of what you are doing (send this form to your insurer).

See also the Association of British Insurers Volunteer Drivers page.

Alternatively please contact us on 01590 681 500 for more details.


Maps and Directions

We provide each driver with a book of maps and parking details for all the local hospitals.

Our maps page includes a map of Sway and directions to clinics and surgeries that are not included in the book of maps.


Some external links on Voluntary Transport

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The first three are from the Hants Passenger Transport Group:

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Public Transport Publications

Advice on becoming a volunteer driver

Good Neighbours Support Service - gives basic information about the many Voluntary Care Groups and Good Neighbour Schemes within Hampshire.   

Contact us on 01590 681 500

Or email: us at:  

Sway Welfare Aid Group is a Hants, UK, based Charity for people of all ages living in Sway

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