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About us

SWAG (Sway Welfare Aid Group) was set up in 1970 following a cold winter during which many elderly people died alone at home.

Residents of Sway wanted to provide a community care group with the objective that ‘everyone living alone in Sway had someone to turn to in an emergency.’


Annual Report (opens a new page in your browser)


Gift Aid

SWAG is very grateful for any donation however small (or big!).

If you give us a donation and are a taxpayer, HM Revenue and Customs will give us back the tax you paid on the donation  (link opens a new page in your browser).

Currently this amounts to an additional 25p for every £1 donated and can make a big difference to us.

For this to work, we need to hold a Gift Aid Declaration signed by you.  

Call us on 01590 681 500 for a Declaration Form or download it directly:   (opens a new page in your browser).

Once complete, please return the form to:

SWAG Treasurer
Mead End Road
SO41 6EH


Further examples of what we do...

Sway Welfare Aid Group can only help those people who live in Sway but is for people of all ages


SWAG help if you are having financial difficulties, for example…

  • One off payments to help meet an unexpected crisis, i.e. broken washing machine or boiler or television sets
  • Rent costs to avoid eviction
  • Costs associated with family deaths
  • Excess travelling expenses due to partner in hospital
  • Two payments a year to meet heating expenses
  • Cost of essential decorations
  • Cost of essential repairs
  • Cost of insulation
  • Cost of books or tools for vocational courses
  • Payment of fees for vocational, language, & numerical courses
  • Fees for technical skills to improve earning potential
  • Cost of reasonable recreational equipment 
  • Cost of essential aids for any disability
  • Cost of school trips to aid child development
  • Cost of preschool training to avoid a child becoming disadvantaged
  • Cost of lessons and equipment for gifted children e.g. music
  • Assistance to other charitable organisations for special projects

SWAG can give practical support

  • Transport to hospital for outpatient appointments
  • Lunch club for people living alone
  • Helping you to find out about benefits or assistance

Can you help SWAG?   For example, could you…

  • Drive people to hospital appointments during the day (expenses paid)?
  • Drive people to lunches from home to the church hall and return?
  • Become a Trustee of SWAG?
  • Give SWAG a donation to help others?
  • Leave SWAG a legacy in your will?
  • Come along to our quarterly meeting and give us your fresh ideas?
  • Help cook and serve meals to people at lunch club?
  • Support the Boule event as player or helper?
  • Offer occasional help if you have specialist knowledge e.g. Legal, Banking, Council, C.A.B., etc?

Contact us on 01590 681 500 for details

Our Registered Charity Number is 261220 - enter this number or "Sway Welfare Aid Group" into the Charity Commission website search box (opens a new page in your browser)

Contact us on 01590 681 500

Or email: us at:  

Sway Welfare Aid Group is a Hants, UK, based Charity for people of all ages living in Sway

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